Icopal Filter Fleece used on green roof systems as a separation and containment layer

Icopal Filter Fleece

Filtration layers are required in green roof systems as a separation and containment layer, to limit the amount of fine particles reaching the drainage layer and rainwater outlets.
They are also useful for encapsulating other components, such as telescopic drainage tubes, to reduce the amount of fines getting into them.


Icopal Filter Fleece is manufactured using UV stabilised high tenacity polypropylene providing high tensile properties and improved durability. The Icopal Filter Fleece allows water to drain through the membrane, whilst limiting the passage of fines and debris from the green roof system.


Product Code Description Roll Size
3101407 Icopal Filter Fleece 1.13 m x 100 m


Composition: High tenacity virgin polypropylene staple fibre
Roll Width: 1.13m
Roll Length: 100mm
Roll Weight: 14kg
Thickness: 0.8mm @ 2 kPa
Colour: Grey/White

Surface Preparation

Ensure the substrate is clean and free of all dust and debris.


Prior to the installation of the green roof growing substrate, install Icopal Filter Fleece above the drainage board, and dress up the sides of any upstands, kerbs, inspection chambers, or planter walls, to the height of the substrate.
Icopal Filter Fleece should be installed with minimum 150 mm laps to ensure full surface coverage. The fleece should be rolled out in an advancing manner and should be secured immediately with the specified green roof system.

Delivery and Storage

Icopal Filter Fleece is delivered in rolls secured with a wrapper. Rolls must be stored off the ground and on a flat level surface under cover and protected from weather and mechanical damage.

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