Icopal Habitat Zone Pack is a range of materials suitable for creating wildlife habitats to encourage biodiversity on extensive green roofs

Icopal Habitat Zone Pack - For Biodiverse Green Roofs

Biodiversity on an extensive green roof can be enhanced by providing a wider diversity of habit for differing plants and insects.

Introduction of variations in the surface, such as open gravel areas, rock mounds, and sand piles, supplemented with boulders and logs, will create habitats to encourage a range of invertebrates and other ground dwelling species, while also the potential for a wider range of plant species development.


The Icopal Habitat Zone Pack is a range of materials suitable for creating wildlife habitats to encourage biodiversity on extensive green roofs. It is supplied as an ICB bulk bag containing rocks, logs, sand and manila rope to create 3 - 5 habitats.

Materials are chosen to provide shelter, basking, nesting and foraging areas using rocks, logs, sand and manila rope, to attract and support a range of invertebrates and the birds that feed on them, thereby increasing Biodiversity at roof level. Standard habitats can be used as part of an overall living roof design to meet Biodiversity Action Plan and BREEAM requirements for species diversity. Habitats can be created with additional materials, insect hotels and nest boxes for birds, bats, bees and other invertebrates based on species-specific requirements.


Product Code Description Size
3101088 Icopal Habitat Zone Pack 1 m3 (IBC)


Composition: Rocks, logs, sand, manila rope 
Habitat Quantity: Minimum 3 habitats per pack
Positioning: 1 habitat / 50m2 area
Weight: 150 - 200 kg (dry)
190 - 250 kg (wet)
Availability: 1m3 IBC bulk bag


Rocks: Rocks/boulders of 100 - 250 mm diameter. Quantity: 12 - 24 per pack.

Logs: Seasoned hardwood logs from responsibly felled ash, oak, beech and sycamore. Fully seasoned for min 12 months.

Size: Assorted sizes; 150 - 300 mm diameter; 300 - 1000 mm length.

Sand: Sharp sand, natural colour building aggregate. Size: 3 No. 25 kg sacks per pack.

Rope: Manila rope. Size: 20 - 40 mm diameter; assorted pre-cut 3 - 5 m lengths.

Intended Use

Icopal Habitat Zone Pack is intended to provide create 3 - 5 mixed habitats, or materials may be used individually. Typical density is one habitat per 50 m² area.


Biodiverse habitats should be integrated with substrate, site-specific planting and contoured surface finishes.

Care should be taken for habitat maintenance. To avoid disturbance, allow the materials to weather/decompose naturally and clear adjacent vegetation to allow sunlight to reach exposed surfaces.


Habitat materials are delivered in a 1.25 cubic metre IBC bulk bag on a pallet.

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