Icopal Lawn Turf should be used in conjunction with the relevant specified components of the Icopal Intensive Lawn System

Icopal Lawn Turf - For Intensive Green Roofs

Transforming a roof space into a recreation area, a lawn can provide a place for relaxation for building occupants. It can also reduce the impact of a building and enhance its aesthetics helping it blend into the surrounding area. A lawn can also provide storm water run-off attenuation.

Icopal Lawn Turf is a pre grown vegetation blanket comprising a 20 mm deep growing medium with a range of grasses providing a lush green durable ‘‘sports turf’’.


Size: Standard : 0.61 m x 1.64 m;
Large: 0.75 or 1.1 m x 2.8 m
Mat Weight: 15 kg·m-2 (dry)
20 kg·m-2 (wet)
Depth: 20mm
Composition: Blend of high quality seed on nutritious soil base
Composition - Growing Medium: 20mm root zone soil
Composition -Vegetation: Mature grass
Species Sown: Perennial Ryegrass, Slender Creeping Red Fescue,
Strong Creeping Red Fescue, and Chewings Fescue.

Intended Use

Icopal Lawn Turf is intended for use in intensive green roof lawn applications as part of the Icopal Intensive Lawn System. As the turf is pre grown it provides a green roof with an instant impact.


The Icopal Lawn Turf is to be used in conjunction with the relevant specified components of the Icopal Intensive Lawn System. It can be used on both flat roofs and, when properly specified, on sloping roofs with suitable restraint systems in place. The roof deck and any associated planters should have sufficient drainage points to quickly drain away surface water and prevent excessive waterlogging.

Surface Preparation

The Icopal Lawn Turf must be laid on the Icopal Lightweight Top Soil at a minimum depth of 150 mm. The finished surface of the soil mix must be firm and level when the Icopal Lawn Turf is laid to ensure a good contact between the substrate and the plant roots. This will ensure a more successful establishment phase.

Installation Details

The Icopal Lawn Turf should be handled with care to avoid any damage. Ensure the Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is raked level and firmed before the turf is unrolled over it.

Unroll the turf with the loose end firmly up against the starting edge. Ensure that the edges of the roll are firmly butted up against those of the neighbouring rolls. It is important to ensure that there are no gaps between rolls.

It is also important that once laid the turf is frequently watered to prevent drying out until the roots are fully established into the soil. It is therefore essential that there is a means of getting water onto the roof. The establishment period is generally between 8 - 12 months.


Once established it is highly recommended that a suitable permanent irrigation system be installed to ensure the turf survives periods of hot dry weather. Pitched roofs retain less water and so will require additonal irrigation. As with terrestrial lawns, the grass will need regular mowing during the growing season. Weeds should be removed periodically through the year to reduce the likelihood that they become dominant. It is recommended that a suitable fertiliser is applied to keep the grass healthy.

Delivery and Storage

Icopal Lawn Turf rolls are delivered on pallets.

Icopal Lawn Turf should be programmed for delivery on the day of installation. The turf should only be left rolled up prior to installation if there is no chance that they will deteriorate.

It may be necessary that if the Icopal Lawn Turf cannot be installed on the day of arrival to site, they need to be unrolled to prevent overheating and allow air to move over them. It is important that whilst unrolled, they are kept moist, either by natural rainfall or by irrigation. If in any doubt, please seek advice from Icopal Limited.

It is not possible to lift and therefore deliver the Icopal Lawn Turf in temperatures where the turf is frozen.

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