Icopal Lightweight Top Soil for Green Roof Systems

Icopal Lightweight Top Soil

It is important to have a good quality soil mix which is specifically designed for green roofs. The soil must be lightweight, free draining, and water retentive. It should contain sufficient nutrition for healthy plant growth and be slow to breakdown.

Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is tested and certified as a multi-purpose top soil to "BS3882:2007. Specification for topsoil and requirements for use".


Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is a finely graded nutrient rich lightweight top soil suitable for use on intensive roof systems, lawns and in planters. Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is peat-free and contains organic PAS100 certified material.


Product Code Description Size
3101086 Icopal Lightweight Top Soil 25 kg (bag)
3101087 Icopal Lightweight Top Soil 1.25 m3 (IBC)


UnComposition: Blend of topsoil, organic compost and sand
Sizes: 1.25m3 IBC bulk bag; 25 kg sack
Grading: screened to 6mm
Weight/Unit Area (dry): 1100 kg·m-3
Weight/Unit Area (saturated): 1240 kg·m-3
Compaction: 30%
Moisture Content: 16%
Classification: Root zone - Sandy Loam
pH Value 7.9 (approx.)7.9 (approx.)


Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is for use in conjunction with the relevant specified components of the associated Icopal green roof system.

The roof deck and any associated planters should have sufficient drainage points to quickly drain away water to prevent ponding and substrate saturation.


Icopal Lightweight Top Soil should be installed onto an appropriate Icopal Drainage Board and filter layer to ensure the substrate remains free-draining to avoid saturation of the substrate.

Installation Details

Icopal Lightweight Top Soil should be laid to the required depth to be determined by the intended planting scheme. Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is typically installed at a minimum of 200 mm in lawn systems, and for small shrubs, and up to 1 metre in depth for trees.

It is recommended that gravel or paved borders are used to keep the planting away from any waterproofed upstands, and around roof equipment or structural openings/penetrations such as rooflights etc and to allow for maintenance access/inspection. The width of the border should be a minimum 300 mm, in accordance with GRO recommendations.

Installation Procedure

Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is delivered to site in 1.25 cubic metre IBC bulk bags and are generally lifted onto the roof by crane. The soil mix can also be delivered to site in bulk tippers or 25 kg bags, if required. The top soil should be firmed to reduce excess settlement, and levelled off using shovels and rakes. Icopal Lightweight Top Soil should not be installed, or walked upon in situ, if excessively wet. It is recommended that a mulch (e.g. bark or slate chips) is used on top of the top soil to reduce moisture loss, weed growth and ‘‘blowing’’ of the top soil in potentially windy situations.

Typical Specification

Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is to be laid to a suitable depth to suit the planting type and green roof system, and installed above the relevant Icopal Drainage Board and filtration layer. Icopal Lightweight Top Soil should be laid in accordance with Icopal’s instructions, and used with other relevant specified Icopal components.


Icopal Lightweight Top Soil is delivered in 1.25 cubic metre IBC bulk bags. The bags are generally hoisted onto the roof by crane and the soil is poured onto the roof deck, where it is then raked level to the required depth. The substrate can also be delivered in bulk tippers or 25 litre bags as logistics demand and allow.

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