Icopal Sedum Plug Plants - a low maintenance solution for extensive green roof systems

Icopal Sedum Plug Plants - For Extensive Green Roofs

Icopal Sedum Plug Plants are intended for use as an aesthetic covering designed to provide the perfect low maintenance solution for extensive green roof systems. Plugs are planted directly into Icopal Sedum Substrate growing medium. These succulent plants are drought, wind and frost tolerant and will steadily colonize the roof area, to providing an even vegetative cover over time.

The sedum family of flowering plants is large, and widespread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, varying from annual and creeping herbs to shrubs. They are succulents and therefore have leaves which are able to store water.


Icopal Sedum Plug Plants are pre-cultivated plants grown from UK provenance seed stock. The plants are propagated and germinated in recycled crushed brick sedum substrate in a controlled environment ensuring stronger plant growth and development. Plugs are nurtured in UK nurseries which ensures the plants are already fully acclimatised for UK installation.

They are supplied in trays of 84 plugs. Around 8 - 12 different species are incorporated allowing flowering of different colours at varying times throughout the summer and early autumn period.


Product Code Description Quantity / Tray
3101075 Icopal Sedum Plugs   84



Unit Size: 40 mm x 40 mm             
Plugs per Tray: 84
Minimum Substrate Depth: 80mm
Sedum - Mixed Species
Sown† (8 -12 species):
Sedum acre, Sedum album
Sedum ellacombianum, Sedum floriferum
Sedum forsterianum, Sedum hybridum
Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum montanum
Sedum reflexum, Sedum selskianum
Sedum sexangulare, Sedum spirium
† Varieties and percentages may vary subject to seasonal variations.


The Icopal Sedum Plugs are to be used in conjunction with the relevant specified components of the Icopal Extensive Sedum Green Roof System. The system is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. It can be installed on flat roofs and those with shallow pitches, generally no greater than 15°. On roofs with slopes over 9° a retention system is required. All slopes over 5° will require a mechanically fixed eaves edge restraint.

The roof deck and any associated planters should have sufficient drainage points to quickly drain away surface water and prevent ponding. Sedum plants are hardy and can withstand dry conditions, but do not like to have excessive water saturation within the root zone.

Surface Preparation

The Icopal Sedum Plugs must the planted into the Icopal Extensive Sedum Substrate. The substrate should have a minimum settled depth of 80 mm. The finished surface of the extensive substrate must be raked level prior to installing the Icopal Sedum Plugs.

Installation Details

The sedum plugs should be handled with care to avoid any damage.

Water the sedum plugs prior to installation to prevent material loss or damage.

The areas intended for plug planting should be marked out into square metre sections with a suitable tool, in accordance with the planting and site plans.

Planting density is typically 18 - 20 plugs per m².

Plant the plugs into the growing substrate, staggered and at a suitable depth, and ensure plant material is not covered.

It is also important that once installed the plants are frequently watered to prevent drying out until the roots are fully established into the Icopal Extensive Sedum Substrate. It is therefore essential that there is a means of getting water onto the roof. The establishment period is generally between 8 - 12 months. It can take 24-36 months to achieve full vegetation roof coverage.

Growing medium stablisation may be required on exposed sites, particularly around roof edges, until the vegetation achieves full coverage. Guidance on this matter should be sought.

Delivery And Storage

Icopal Sedum Plugs are delivered in trays containing 84 plugs, with 4 trays per pallet.

The Icopal Sedum Plugs should be programmed for delivery on the day of installation

It may be necessary that if the Icopal Sedum Plugs cannot be installed on the day of arrival to site, they need to be laid out to prevent overheating and allow air to move over them. It is important that they are kept moist, either by natural rainfall or by irrigation. If in any doubt, please seek advice from Icopal Limited.

It is not advisable to arrange delivery of the Icopal Sedum Plugs in temperatures over 25 °C, as this can lead to the rapid deterioration of the plants in transit or while waiting to be installed.  

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