Icopal Washed Riverstones are supplied as part of an Icopal Green Roof System

Icopal Washed Riverstones

Icopal Washed Riverstones are supplied as part of an Icopal Green Roof System in bags containing mixed, quartzile and granite naturally occurring pebbles. The pebbles are river washed and comprise rounded pebbles of nominal 20mm - 40mm diameter.

River stone edging is used as a perimeter border to all living roof and bio-diverse roof installations, providing areas of free drainage, whilst acting as an effective barrier around upstands and rooflights, helping to restrict the spread of plant material to drainage outlets.


Product Code Description Size
3101083 Icopal Washed Riverstones 1000 kg (bulk)
3101084 Icopal Washed Riverstones 25 kg (bag)


Composition: Mixed rounded quartzile and granite naturally occurring pebbles
Nominal Size: 20 - 40mm
Shape: Rounded
Colour: Mixed (typ. grey/brown)
Treatment: River washed
Supply: 1000 kg bulk bag,
25 kg sack

Intended Use

A vegetation free, pebble border should be provided at all perimeters, rooflights, vents, outlets etc. The border will improve the drainage of run off from vertical surfaces, separate the greenery from the waterproofing to prevent damage to the membrane during maintenance operations, prevent vegetation blocking outlets, and provide protection against wind action at roof edges. The pebbles should be installed with a filtration fleece beneath to prevent small fines from entering the drainage system.

The border should be a minimum of 300 mm wide.

The width of non-vegetation borders should be increased to a minimum 500 mm where a fire break is required, such as around rooflights and next to fire walls, or to walls with structural openings.

For larger green roof areas a fire break 1 metre wide should be used every 40 m across the roof area.

For further information refer to guidance as outlined in ‘‘Fire Performance of Green Roofs and Walls’’. Dept. for Communities and Local Government. 2013. Available from http://www.gov.uk/dclg  

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