BMI Canopia ST Sedum Mat Lightweight System

An exra lightweight green roof system utilising a pre-grown vegetation mat of 8-12 species. The vegetation mat is installed on a very shallow depth of a specially formulated lightweight substrate with high water storage capacity. 

Sedum-Plug-Extensive-Green-Roof-System.1. Canopia Extensive Sedum Mat

2. Canopia Extensive Sedum Substrate

3. Canopia Filter Fleece 

4. Canopia Drainage Board

5. Canopia Protection Fleece

6. BMI Waterproofing System



System Properties
The following data relates to the extensive green roof element only.
System Dry Weight: Minimum 25kg/m²  
System Saturated Weight: Minimum 53kg/m²
System Typical Depth: 50 mm
Growing Substrate Depth: 30mm (settled)
Contouring: Flat/level

Key Features

  • A extra lightweight system particularly suitable for roof structures with limited loading capacity and for retrofit work.
  • System utilises a special lightweight mineral-based substrate with high water storage capacity.
  • Attractive mix of sedum species.
  • More cost effective than a pre-grown mat.
  • Sedum plants are low-growing.
  • Moderate range of bio-diversity.
  • Suitable for flat roofs only.
  • Pre-grown mat provides an instant coverage.
  • Plant Species

    Sedum-Plug-PlantingMixed UK provenance sedum plugs planted at random into the substrate at 18 – 20/sqm plant density. The sedum family of flowering plants are succulents and therefore have leaves which are able to store water. They are drought tolerant, and able to survive in extremes of conditions. They generally flower from early summer to autumn..

    Flowering Period: May – August.

    Typical Colours: Seasonal variation of yellows, whites, and pinks. Foliage turns from green to red in periods of plant stress.

    Species: 8 – 12.

    Planting Density: 18 – 20 plugs/sqm.

    Typical Species: (subject to season variation) 
    Sedum acre, Sedum album, Sedum ellacombianum, Sedum floriferum, Sedum forsterianum, Sedum hybridum, Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum montanum, Sedum oreganum, Sedum reflexum, Sedum selskianum, Sedum sexangulare, Sedum spirium.

    Flower Attraction
    Low-moderate mixed pollen source, applicable to Bees – Mason, Honey Bombus spp; Insects – Chrysoperla (Lacewing), hoverfly (Episyrphus), Ladybird (Harmonia), Aphidius, Aphilinus, Aphidoletes (beneficial parasitic wasps).

    Establishment Period: 6 – 8 months and typically 24 – 36 months to achieve desired ground cover.


  • Design Notes & Considerations

    General Notes

    The Icopal ST Sedum Plug extensive green roof system is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. It can be installed on flat roofs and those with shallow pitches, generally no greater than 15°. On roofs with slopes over 9° a retention system is required. All slopes over 5° will require a mechanically fixed eaves edge restraint.


    A border with a recommended width of 300 – 500 mm of washed river stones (20 – 40 mm diameter) should be used around all roof penetrations, outlets, perimeters and system edges to provide a vegetation free zone


    Initial: Irrigation required immediately after installation for up to 8 – 12 months until fully established. Recommended irrigation period: 12 months. Pitched roofs retain less water and therefore a permanent irrigation to the extensive system should be considered.

    Once established: Irrigation is only generally required during prolonged periods of hot dry weather.

    Water Source: A roof top source with a pressure of 2.5 – 3 bar and a flow rate of 60 L/min is recommended to connect a temporary system if required


    Sedum systems are designed to be low maintenance. Species selection ensures that the roof will evolve naturally, however weeds should be removed periodically through the year to reduce the likelihood that they become dominant. It is recommended that a suitable fertiliser is applied to keep the plants healthy. This may be a spring feed of slow/controlled release fertiliser to last the growing season, or more regular granular/liquid feeds throughout the growing season.

  • Technical Support & Bespoke Green Roof Systems

    In the sections of our website above you can find details on many of our standard green roof systems that we offer as a simple solution to the needs of our clients most common requests.

    There are also many other alternative BMI Canopia green roof systems that we can offer as a bespoke package to meet your projects specific needs.

    How We Can Help You

    Find Local SupportBMI Canopia has a dedicated field service, with a network of technical advisers throughout the UK & Ireland, available to provide a bespoke insured green roof specification to meet your exact project requirements. Our advisory service for specifiers and contractors is free of charge. Our technical advisers are available at any time during working hours to answer queries on any aspect of green roofing design. 

    Services Include:

    Site Inspection - Experienced BMI Area Technical Managers can provide a comprehensive site inspection and condition report prior to making any recommendations for product use or installation. Site inspections can include a detailed commentary and photographic record, core sampling, fixing pull-out tests and thermographic imaging analysis where appropriate

    Design Assistance - BMI provides a range of design services to support project delivery, including all required calculations:

    • Specification - Bespoke system specifications can be generated for each project, based upon specific design criteria. Specifications can be provided in a variety of formats to suit customer requirements.
    • Drawings - Project specific detail drawings can be prepared showing critical interface detailing and airtight system terminations.

    Approved Contractors - Installation of the BMI Canopia Green Roof System is carried out exclusively by a network of trained and approved contractors who can demonstrate excellence in all aspects of roofing and landscaping. Using an BMI Approved Contractor ensures quality right from the start giving you access to a wealth of experience and technical skill protecting your investment with unrivalled guarantees.

    Installation of the BMI Canopia Green Roof System is carried out exclusively by a network of trained and approved contractors who can demonstrate excellence in all aspects of roofing and landscaping. Using an BMI Approved Contractor ensures quality right from the start giving you access to a wealth of experience and technical skill protecting your investment with unrivalled guarantees.

    Click here to find your local BMI Technical Adviser


    Alternatively our head office technical support team can be contacted on:

    0843 224 7400

    or click here to send a bespoke green roof form to our technical support team and we will contact you shortly.

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