Extensive Wildflower Green Roof Systems

Wildflower Extensive Green Roof Systems

Wildflower extensive green roofs are intended to generally provide a habitat to create a wider bio-diversity of flora and fauna compared to a traditional sedum green roof.

The system can be managed more heavily to produce a controlled “wildflower meadow” type environment. Alternatively, less management input may lead to the development of vegetation which progresses naturally relating to the prevailing conditions. Often wildflowers, grasses and sedums are the main species of vegetation designed to thrive within such systems.


BMI Canopia ST Wildflower Mat System

Wildflower-Mat-Biodiverse-Meadow-SystemA lightweight extensive green roof system utilising a pre-grown vegetation mat sown with a mix of thirty eight wildflower and grass species.

Meadow systems are designed to create the look of a terrestrial wildflower meadow and the use of a pre-grown mat creates a green planting scheme with instant impact. The vegetation mat is installed on a shallow depth of specially formulated free-draining substrate and drainage board.


Biodiversity:  3-dot-rating Icopal ST Wildflower Mat - Extensive Biodiverse / Meadow Green Roof System
Pollen/Nectar Richness: 4-dot-rating
Habitat Provision: 3-dot-rating



BMI Canopia ST Wildflower Seeded System

Wildflower-Seeded-SystemAn extensive green roof system utilising a specially formulated free-draining substrate and drainage board. A wildflower and grass seed mix is broadcast over the surface of the substrate, and lightly worked in to germinate and grow over time.


Biodiversity:  3-dot-rating  Icopal ST Wildflower Seeded - Extensive Biodiverse / Meadow Green Roof System
Pollen/Nectar Richness: 4-dot-rating
Habitat Provision: 3-dot-rating


Bespoke Extensive Green Roofs

In the sections of our website above you can find details on many of our standard extensive green roof systems that we offer as a simple solution to the needs of our clients most common requests.

There are also many other alternative extensive green roof systems that we can offer as a bespoke package to meet your projects specific needs.

At your service!

Find Local SupportIcopal has a dedicated field service, with a network of technical advisers throughout the UK & Ireland, available to provide a bespoke insured green roof specification to meet your exact project requirements. Our advisory service for specifiers and contractors is free of charge. Our technical advisers are available at any time during working hours to answer queries on any aspect of green roofing design.

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Alternatively our head office technical support team can be contacted on: 0330 123 4585 or click here to send a bespoke green roof specification requestto our technical support team and we will contact you shortly.


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