Why Choose An Icopal Green Roof

Why Choose An Icopal Green Roof

As the global leader in roof waterproofing systems, Icopal offers comprehensive beginning-to-end project support to provide the strongest possible foundation for every green roof project. Icopal is dedicated to providing the right balance of system performance, reliability and cost to help you meet the challenge of delivering best value.

The Strength Of A Global Partner

Icopal builds its position on 160 years of experience in roofing and waterproofing. This demonstrates our commitment to provide waterproofing and green roof systems which can fully satisfy your project requirements.

Single Source Responsibility

Icopal as a single source provider eliminates the significant risk of problems occurring over liability should faults occur in the waterproofing integrity. Our multi-product portfolio includes reinforced bitumen systems, single ply and solvent free liquid applied waterproofing which allows us to specify without any bias the correct solution for the roof in question.

Commitment to Sustainability

As a company, Icopal is proud of its strong environmental credentials, actively promoting the recycling of its products whenever possible, in order to minimise the use of raw materials and energy in the development and production of roofing and waterproofing solutions.

This means that many of our products already meet and often exceed environmental standards, and are already recognised by many of the industry bodies promoting excellence in this field.

Technical Expertise

The financial implication of inappropriate design, poor recommendation or sub- standard product and workmanship can be considerable and can impact on the long term performance of the building. The Icopal approach to any roof is well proven over many thousands of successful projects and ensures success from the initial survey and consultation to the guarantee sign off.

Environmental Consideration

Icopal high performance green roof systems are designed to deliver sustainable and environmentally considerate solutions which can provide a wide array of benefits such as air quality, health and wellbeing.

Icopal Is A Technical Advisor To The Green Roof Code

The Green Roof Code is intended to be recognised as a code of best practice and as such it should be used to guide behaviour relating to green roof design, specification, installation and maintenance.

This code has been developed in partnership with national and European experts, including The Green Roof Centre at the University of Sheffield, Livingroofs.org, GRO (Green Roof Organisation) members, the Environment Agency and Homes and Communities Agency.

Read more about the Green Roof Organisation

We Offer An Innovative Technique for Protecting Your Investment

Roof-Protect-How-It-WorksAlthough modern waterproofing systems are robust and when installed correctly, will rarely give any cause for concern, building owners still require that extra security and peace of mind regarding the integrity of the waterproofing element of the building.

The wide and varied uses of today’s flat roof construction can lead to damage of the waterproofing. Even the best roofing systems can sustain damage from construction, maintenance or pedestrian traffic through its lifetime. Undetected, the smallest puncture, membrane split, or mechanical breach can be devastating, causing severe and costly structural decay, interior damage, wet insulation with loss of thermal performance and mould.

Icopal Roof Protect™ provides a sustainable non-destructive asset management tool which enables pinpoint accurate, quality control leak detection of the roof waterproofing system.
Once installed the system is integrated for the life of the roof and can be used as part of a pro-active maintenance program to regularly and easily test the integrity of the roof. 

Read more about Icopal Roof Protect™….

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