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Sales and Marketing Support

LiteratureHolderSmjpgAt BMI Icopal we are dedicated to supporting our distributors in every way possible. We can provide you with the necessary sales, marketing and promotional support to ensure that Icopal products become an essential profitable part of your business.

Below are some examples of the marketing materials we can provide for you.




Size: 2000 x 1000 mm



Support for Distributors - Posters (size A2) Support for Distributors - Posters (size A2)
Poster Generic
Size: A2
Poster Decra
Size: A2

Invoice Cards

Support for Distributors - Invoice Card Front (size 210 x 100mm) Support for Distributors - Invoice Card Back (size 210 x 100mm)
Invoice Card Tecnatorch
Front  - Size: 210 x 100 mm
Invoice Card Tecnatorch
Back - Size: 210 x 100 mm

Mailing Cards

MailingCardFrontjpg MailingCardBackjpg
Mailingcard Monarplan
Front - Size: A5
Mailingcard Monarplan 
Back - Size: A5


Literature Holders

Support for Distributors - Stickers (size 210 x 120mm) Support for Distributors - Literature Holder
Sticker Text
Size: 210 x 120 mm
Display Size: 130 x 255 mm

Counter Cards

Support for Distributors - Counter Cards (size A2)
Size A2



    Contact Icopal 0161 8654444

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    Your Local Area Manager


    Technical Support


    0330 123 4585



    Sales Enquiries & Orders


    0843 224 7400


    0843 224 7401


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