BMI Icopal For Builders Merchants

BMI Icopal For Builders Merchants

BMI Icopal, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of waterproofing products, offers Builders Merchants one of the UK’s largest ranges of high performance includes bituminous flat roofing membranes, roofing shingles, pitched roofing underlays and structural waterproofing systems.


Xtra-Gard Flat Roofing Systems

The Xtra-Gard range of waterproofing membranes has been developed to provide a comprehensive range of products to suit all applications; from traditional Shed Felt for basic DIY application through to High Performance systems for the professional roofer.
See the Xtra-Gard Flat Roofing Systems product range 


Xtra-Gard Pitched Roofing Underlays

Our Monarperm and MonarTile pitched roofing range gives you more choices whatever your roof configuration, warm or cold roofs, ventilated or unventilated, new build or refurbishment or even to limit solar gain in roofs. Anything from duo to mono pitch, and mansard roof constructions or it is to be a budget solution or high demand performance solution.
See the Xtra-Gard Pitched Roofing Underlay product range


Xtra-Gard Bitumen Roofing Shingles

A range of attractive, durable and easy to install roofing shingles available in a choice of shapes and colours. Xtra-Gard Roofing Shingles are applied directly onto the shingle underlay on roofs with a roof pitch between 15º and 45º or directly onto the roof structure on roofs with a roof pitch above 45º.
See the Xtra-Gard Bitumen Shingle product range


Xtra-Gard Structural Waterproofing

We offer to Builders Merchants the UK’s most complete range of DPC’s, DPM’s, Radon Barriers Tanking systems and Geomembranes.
See the range of:

Xtra-Load DPC’s

Monarflex Damp Proof and Gas resistant membranes

Monarflex Radon Barriers

Xtra-Load Tanking Systems 

The rest of our product range can be found here  
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