BMI Icopal for Multi Academy Trusts - Helping you to make the best of your SCA

BMI Icopal for Multi Academy Trusts - Helping you to make the best of your SCA

As part of the Government’s commitment to schools, academies and colleges, Multi Academy Trusts (MAT) receive a School Condition Allocation (SCA) to deploy strategically across their estate for maintenance and refurbishment purposes.

Funding of £98 million was made available to MATS in 2016/17. If roofing and waterproofing issues are part of the problem, then Icopal can help more than you might think..

How BMI Icopal Can Make Your Funding Go Further

We understand the challenges MAT’s face in deciding how to best use their SCA and we aim to support you in this important step so you get the best value possible.
We can provide:

  • A free site survey
  • A comprehensive roof condition report
  • Supporting document with indicative program of works and agreed budget
  • Pre-tendering of specification proposal
  • Contractor recommendations from our extensive UK approved contractor network
  • Project support with periodic site inspections throughout
  • Industry leading insured guarantees, issued upon practical completion

BMI Icopal - Waterproofing Excellence

Having manufactured waterproofing and roofing systems for over 160 years, and as a part of the largest waterproofing business in the world, BMI Icopal is perfectly placed to assist in making the most of your SCA.

BMI Icopal has many years of experience in supporting Academies and their contractors in achieving success in both new build and refurbishment roofing projects. BMI Icopal Secure, our 5-step process of partnership, ensures that we are with you every step of the way in your project.

icopal secureFrom start to finish, and beyond.

1. Consultation & Site Survey
2. Design & Specification
3. Installation
4. Site Support & Project Monitoring
5. System Guarantee

We are offering a 2% representative rebate against materials purchased from Icopal in the form of PSBO vouchers for all BMI Icopal supported projects on completion.

or any other critical educational supplies



download pdf BMI Icopal for Multi Academy Trusts - Helping to make the best of your SCA (ICO3370)


Please contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation site survey and roof condition report.

Contact our Academies Team at  or 0161 865 4444 or please fill out the form below

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