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Tottenham Hotspurs FC Training Ground - Green Roof

Project Overview

Project: Tottenham Hotspurs FC Training Ground
Location: Bulls Cross, Enfield
Area: 1,200 m²
Completion Date: November 2011
Contractor: McCormick Flat Roofing Ltd, Hornchurch
Main Contractor: McLaren Construction Ltd 
Client: Tottenham Hotspurs FC
Architect: KSS Design Group, London
System: Sure-Weld TPO with Extensive Sedum Green Roof

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Tottenham Hotspurs football club are moving from their old training ground in Chigwell, to a state of the art new complex in Enfield. The training centre covering 67 acres will comprise eleven football pitches and the 2-storey building, designed to be integral to the environment, will house medical facilities, hydrotherapy/pool areas, educational and media centres, gym, and canteen facilities.

The facility will not only service the senior and youth teams, but provide services for the local schools, colleges and community.


The project is built on green-belt land just south of the M25, and so limiting its environmental/ecological impact was critical, and so amongst other considerations a green roof was incorporated into the scheme. The roof also needed to be installed quickly so that following trades could proceed internally without hindrance by the weather.


ICS1035-Tottenham-Hotspur-FC-Training-Ground-Enfield_381x266McCormick Flat Roofing specified Profiles Vapour Vent-XL as the vapour control layer. This was installed first, so that it would function as a temporary waterproof layer. This played an important role during a spell of heavy rain. The insulation and Sure-Weld TPO waterproofing was mechanically fastened to the metal roof deck for speed, allowing the roof to be finished quickly. There were a number of more complex detailing, such as in areas where the large curved beams of the glazed roof met the main building, and these were detailed with great diligence by McCormick’s installers.

Once the waterproofing was laid, an Icopal extensive green roof system was installed. First to go down was an Icopal SLP300 Protection Fleece to protect the waterproofing membrane beneath. The Fytonop 20 drainage board followed, overlaid with Icopal Filter Layer to contain any fines from blocking the drainage system. Icopal Extensive Sedum substrate was installed and raked level, and then finally the planting; Icopal Extensive Sedum Mat, which is rolled out over the substrate. The area of green roof was surrounded with pebble border, and restraint angles to create a defined edge.
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