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ACF HQ & Cadet Training Centre, Gilbertfield Road, Cambuslang

A range of Icopal’s Decra® roofing products has been installed on a cadet training centre near Cambuslang in Scotland delivering a robust and long-lasting roof.

Project Overview

Project: Reroofing of ACF HQ & Cadet Training Centre, .
Location: Gilbertfield Road, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire
Completion Date: 2015
Contractor: HCS Roofing Ltd
Specifier: Lowland Reserve Forces and Cadet's Association
System: Decra Stratos

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When the Lowland Reserves Training Centre on Gilbertfield Road, South Lanarkshire, needed refurbishing, it called in HCS Roofing Ltd to provide a new roof. A range of Icopal’s Decra® products and accompanying accessories were specified for their ability to deliver a robust and long- lasting roof within a rapid installation period.

The building works were carried out in three phases with Decra® Stratos lightweight tile, along with accessories such as D Ridges, Barges, battens and lead valleys, and Monaperm 700 breather membrane specified for each phase by Neil Farquhar from Lowland Reserve Forces.

The first phase focused on refurbishing the existing Gilbertfield Road Cadet Training Centre. Having started work at the beginning of June 2014, HCS Roofing was able to meet the deadline of beginning of September, ready for the start of the Commonwealth Games.

The Wing Activity Centre is a new addition to Gilbertfield Road, so the next phase of the project was to provide the new build with a secure and durable roofing system. The works for the second phase began in July and were completed by the first week of August.

With the Commonwealth Games over, HCS Roofing arrived back on site at the end of October to complete the last phase of the project - the roofs on a kitchen extension adjacent to the training centre.

The existing concrete tiles and felt on the Cadet Training Centre were stripped before being replaced by Decra® products, whilst the new Wing Activity Centre and kitchen extension had an entirely new system from the start.


The Monarperm® 700 breather membrane is a vapour permeable membrane that was chosen for its strength and durability with a high head of water suitable for use in all standard applications. The blue and grey coloured breathable roofing underlay is made from microporous film protected with spun bonded polypropylene for added UV and ageing stability. The benefit of using these materials is that it is lightweight and therefore easy to handle, whilst also capable of withstanding a wide temperature range and combatting rot or fungal attacks. As it is non-tenting, it can be laid directly over insulation boards for added ease.
For the top layer, the Decra® Stratos lightweight tile provided an economic and attractive finish. This is with thanks to the zinc-aluminium galvanised steel tile panels with mineral coating in a choice of two colours and giving the appearance of slates or concrete roof tiles. The economic feature is due to the tiles being produced in large format, enabling faster installation with fewer fixings compared to the traditional tile or slate roofing; the decreased time needed for fixing tiles therefore results in labour cost savings. Decra® Stratos is also completely dry fixed top and bottom throughout, which provides maximum storm security. To prove its confidence in the product, Decra® provides a 40- year full value weather security roofing guarantee.

Neil Farquhar, Lowland Reserve Forces, commented on his decision to specify Decra®, saying,

“The fact that Decra’s roof tiles are one-seventh the weight of concrete roof tiles, whilst providing rapid fixing times was a big factor in my decision. It was important to provide a stable and long-lasting roof for the cadets and my requirement was to provide that quickly and efficiently. Coupled with the underlay membrane which we were able to lay directly on top of the insulation boards, the products were easy for the installers to handle.”

Reroofing of ACF HQ & Cadet Training Centre




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