Sureplan FPO Single Ply Roofing - Cottingham Academy

Cottingham Academy - Single Ply Roofing

Project Overview

Project: Cottingham Academy
Location: Hull, Humberside
Area: 550 m²
Completion Date: December 2013
Contractor: Briggs Amasco Limited, Cottingham
Specifier: Delaney Marling Partnership Ltd
System: Sureplan FPO Fleeceback Single Ply Roof System

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The existing waterproofing system to the roof area above the dining room and kitchen at Cottingham Academy had reached the end of its useful life suffering from internal water leaks, excessive ponding, moss growth and general wear and tear. Aged skylights on the roof were also a potential danger as they had become fragile, and required complete renewal.


The roof had received several patch repairs, however none had been able to provide a satisfactory solution. The only viable course of action was to completely remove the existing bituminous waterproofing system and replace it with a new warm roof build-up in line with current thermal legislation. Furthermore, to eliminate the dangers associated with old, fragile glazing to the existing rooflights, new units incorporating security protection would be required.


Following comprehensive analysis of the existing flat roofs, the specification called for the complete removal of the waterproofing system down to the deck, and the installation of a new Icopal single ply warm roof system.

The roof's existing glazed units were replaced with Dalite Premium rooflights. These modern, more thermally efficient units would increase the amount of natural light and reduce the dependency on internal lighting.

The new waterproofing system comprised Icopal's Micoral SK heat-activated/self- adhesive vapour control layer with Thermazone Roofboard tapered insulation installed above to provide positive falls for roof drainage. The system was then finished with Sureplan FPO Fleeceback single ply roofing membrane.

The anthracite coloured Sureplan FPO Fleeceback single ply membrane was fully adhered to the tapered insulation using Icopal’s SBR Contact Spray Adhesive. Application of the membrane in this manner accelerated the installation process allowing areas to be completed ahead of schedule.

Sureplan Single Ply Roofing Installed


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