Greystones Marina Clubhouse - Elastoflex Liquid-Applied Waterproofing

Greystones Marina Clubhouse

Project Overview

Project: Greystones Marina Clubhouse
Location: Greystones Harbour, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Area: 1300 m²
Completion Date: September 2015
Contractor: Crown Roofing Ltd
Main Contractor: John Sisk & Son
Specifier: O' Mahony Pike Architects Lt
Client: SISPAR / Wicklow County Council
System: Elastoflex Solvent-Free with Elastoflex Anti-Skid Walkway

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A new marina clubhouse was constructed adjacent the harbour entrance at Greystones, a coastal town in County Wicklow, Ireland. The town was named after a half mile stretch of grey stones between two beaches on the sea front.

The project was a new build construction, built by main contractor John Sisk and Son, with the roofing elements sub-contracted to Crown Roofing. The construction was to be a cold roof with a cast concrete deck. The specified waterproofing membrane would be applied directly to the concrete substrate.


The roofing element of the project was split into two separate areas. The main building (closest to the sea) incorporated a bar / restaurant at first floor level with access onto a roof terrace area. As the roof area was to be regularly used as a recreational space, the specified waterproofing membrane had to incorporate a finished surface which would be hard-wearing and durable, as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

The second roof area was not accessible, but was visible from the first floor restaurant. As a result, the decision was made that the surface finish to the second roof area would replicate that of the main building for consistency.


Icopal’s Elastoflex Solvent Free polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane was specified as the preferred solution as it could be fully bonded directly to the concrete surface, once it was correctly prepared and primed. Furthermore, the Elastoflex membrane can optionally incorporate an anti-skid surfacing layer which when fully cured provides an extremely hard wearing finish.

Supported by Icopal’s Quality Manager, Steve Winchurch, Crown Roofing installed the Elastoflex Solvent Free membrane to the primed concrete deck. Once fully cured, the Elastoflex Walkway Compound, incorporating a fine bulking sand was mixed together and applied as a levelling layer to provide a smooth surface onto which the durable antiskid finish would be applied. Once the levelling layer had cured, a further application of the Elastoflex Walkway Compound, followed by broadcasting a black/grey coloured quartz provides the anti-skid finished surface. Finally, this is then finished with a UV encapsulation coating to complete the application.

The completed system created an aesthetically pleasing roof terrace area that could be enjoyed by restaurant diners all year round.



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