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Ulster Hospital, Belfast - Liquid-Applied Waterproofing

Icopal’s products have provided a truly multi- system solution to the waterproofing and insulation needs at Ulster Hospital’s new Inpatient Ward and Acute Services Block in Belfast.  

Project Overview

Project: Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, Co Down, Northern Ireland – New Generic Ward & Facilities Block.
Completion Date: 2016.
Contractor: Tandragee Roofing Company.
Client: South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust.
Architects: Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects LLP.
Main Contractor: Grahah-BAM Healthcare Partnership.
System: Parabit Hot Melt Waterproofing

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Multi-system Solution

When Ulster Hospital announced its Phase B Redevelopment Programme, main contractors GRAHAM-Bam Healthcare Partnership (GBHP) appointed Tandragee Roofing to complete the waterproofing and insulation of roofs and podium decks using Icopal waterproofing products.

The Icopal’s products used resulted in a truly multi-system solution to the buildings’ waterproofing and insulation needs.

The Ulster Hospital Phase B Redevelopment will provide a new Inpatient Ward Block and a new Acute Services Block. GBHP sought roofing systems proven to withstand the test of time, supported by comprehensive long-term guarantees. Due to the building schedule, those systems also needed to be installed quickly.

ICS1078-Ulster-Hospital-Belfast-01Tandragee Roofing carried out works on two large podium decks and multiple balcony and terrace areas. To ensure the insulation met building regulations, Icopal’s Thermazone Hydroshield IVR insulation system, incorporating Icopal Monarperm water reducing membrane, was used on top of the Parabit Duo Hot melt waterproofing before the areas were completed with hard landscaping. This presented a highly durable, thermally efficient, long term solution for these areas, matching highest technical performance with pleasing aesthetics.

Speed of application was critical in allowing works to commence internally and the Icopal Parabit Duo Hot melt waterproofing membrane was key to maximising installer productivity. This is because the membrane can be applied in low temperatures as well as requiring less time to be installed, keeping projects on schedule all year round.

The extensive upper roof areas were completed using an Anderson reinforced bitumen waterproofing system incorporating Thermaweld capsheet for maximum security and in-use performance. Offering ‘groove technology’, the application process is 30% faster than traditional torch-on membranes and results in a secure bond and resistance to wind uplift.

David Laverty of Tandragee Roofing commented on the project, saying,

“We knew we had a tight timeline, and the podium decks were actually within the core of the internal building structure so there were also access issues we had to work with. We had multiple areas to waterproof and we were also responsible for all the hard landscaping works that followed. We were very happy to work with Icopal’s products on this project as the ease of application and product quality helped us stay on schedule.”

Product Benefits

PARABIT DUO Hot Melt Waterproofing System is a hot applied tough and very flexible monolithic waterproofing membrane system manufactured from a special blend of bitumen, synthetic rubbers, polymers and other additives which, when combined with a spun-bond polyester fabric and high performance elastomeric membrane, is ideal for use in protected/inverted roofs, plaza decks and green roof installations. Quick to apply and cure, it provides a continuous system without seams, the waterproofing adheres tenaciously to the entire surface of the roof deck to eliminate water migration and moisture build-up on the surface of the substrate.

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