26 New Build Houses & Flats, Lerwick, Shetland - Decra Roof Systems

26 New Build Timber Clad Houses & Flats, Lerwick, Shetland

Two new build residential developments for a Shetland housing association have been protected from the elements using Icopal’s Decra® Stratos roof tile.

Project Overview

Project: 26 New Build Timber Clad Houses & Flats
Location: Hill Grind and Burnbank, Lerwick, Shetland
Completion Date: 2015
Contractor: Ditt Construction Ltd
Client: Hjaltland Housing Association
System: Decra Stratos

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Hjaltland Housing Association was so impressed by the performance of Decra® at a previous development, it asked the manufacturer, Icopal, to develop a bespoke product for its latest project of 26 new build properties – Hill Grind and Burnbank in Lerwick.

In November 2015, the Shetland Islands battled with 200mph winds and many traditional tiles on houses blew off leaving residents exposed to the elements. However, thanks to the Decra® Classic tile in black with anti-moss installed at Hjaltland Housing Association’s ‘Hillock’ scheme, residents didn’t suffer the same issues, as the Decra® tiles stayed put and undamaged. In fact, even three years after installation, they still look brand new.

Weather Protection

Richard Smith from Hjaltland Housing Association commented on the decision to specify Icopal’s Decra® again, saying, “We were impressed with the Decra® Classic tiles used on our ‘Hillock Scheme‘ and the 40 year insurance backed guarantee offered by Icopal, but for this new project we felt the Decra® Stratos would be more appropriate. When Icopal produced a bespoke product to offer us the Decra® Stratos tile in black with anti moss coating, we were delighted. In Shetland, we experience extreme weather conditions and have a salt laden atmosphere during storm conditions, so it is important that we specify durable and weatherproof tiles to keep homes secure.”

Although this was something Icopal produced especially for Hjaltland Housing Association, it has all the benefits of the classic Decra® tile; it is waterproof, windproof, resistant to moss growth and designed to give an attractive finish to mimic the appearance of slates or concrete roof tiles. The contractors, DITT Construction, also reaped the benefits. The system is totally dry fixed throughout and contoured to provide a strong and interlocking roof covering. It is lightweight and produced in large format to allow faster installations with fewer fixing compared to traditional tile or slate roofing.

Roy Leask from DITT Construction commented on the importance of these features for them, saying, “By reducing installation time, the labour costs are cut. This not only helps us meet the budget requirements of our clients, but it also means we can be confident in knowing we will finish the project to deadline.”

Product Benefits

Decra® is ideal for all applications and locations, whether new build or refurbishment, residential or commercial, urban or rural. Over the last 50 years, Decra® tiles have been installed on over 60 million m2 of roofs across Europe, protecting buildings in all environments, from city centres to mountainsides.

Ideal for roofs or walls pitched from 12° to vertical, Decra® Stratos tiles feature a highly distinctive coating designed to replicate the feel and finish of slate or concrete roofing tiles, yet weigh only one-seventh of concrete alternatives. Decra® tiles are exceptionally durable, and offer superior weather protection, and so maintenance costs are minimal during the lifetime of the installation.

26 New Build Timber Clad Houses & Flats, Lerwick, Shetland

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