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Icopal Expands Its Elastoflex Liquid Applied Waterproofing Range


Icopal’s range of waterproofing membranes has a new cold applied liquid solution specially designed for balconies and walkways – Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway System. Based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) technology, the new system cuts installation time so both public access walkways and residential balconies can be accessed within the same day.

The new system is made up of a primer that sits on top of the substrate, then the embedment coating before the reinforcing fabric and a top coat. Finally, the surfacing is applied.

The PMMA technology works with the addition of a catalyst added to the resins, which activates the curing process. Curing time is dependent on the temperature of the substrate and resin volume, which can be calculated before works commence. With the right conditions this can be as little as 20 minutes. This technology makes it possible for the system to be installed at temperatures as low as -10°C or as high as +30°C, allowing application throughout the year.

As a result of careful engineering, the Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway system is suitable for both public sector and commercial buildings where there is a public access walkway, and residential properties with balconies.

A major benefit of the fast curing capabilities is that there is less disruption caused to residents and pedestrians. Further to this, the waterproofing membrane is encapsulated with an anti-skid surfacing layer providing an impact and slip resistant finish. The surfacing is available in a range of colour options, so that the end product is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for a wide range of specification requirements.

Commenting on the new addition to the range, Simon Ashworth at Icopal, said,

“Our new Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway system is the ideal solution where looking to introduce a fast curing anti-skid waterproof coating to new or existing access walkways, terraces or balconies with minimal disruption to homeowners and occupants. We are keen to deliver great service to our customers so we ensure all installations are carried out by Icopal Approved Contractors. These contractors will have attended and completed training courses with us at our dedicated training centre to ensure the installation is efficient and of high quality.”

More information on Elastoflex Balcony & Walkway system 

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