BMI UK & Ireland launches to the UK construction industry

BMI UK & Ireland launches to the UK construction industry


Following the coming together of Icopal and Monier Redland, and a period of investment in premises, systems and people, BMI UK & Ireland has been formally launched to the construction industry. With a heritage in roofing reaching back over 180 years, the new company is a unique industry leader with the highest quality total roofing solutions for both pitched and flat roofing.

The company’s rich experience, traditions, expertise and market-leading brands mean that it is able to see a roof and the sector in terms of how support, service and roofing technologies integrate with the built environment; rather than just through the collection of products that protect a building.

While remaining dedicated to the delivery of high-quality roofs – through design, specification, manufacture and support – BMI believes that a roof protects people, businesses, lifestyles and whole communities, and it can become an additional living space, a playground, a garden or even a source of renewable energy. Therefore, when BMI thinks about a roof, it thinks about what’s on it, beneath it and all around it.

By caring about what matters to its customers and constantly challenging itself to find new ways to make roofs and roofing better, BMI UK & Ireland is focused on an approach to customer care and the way buildings transform the way people live and work.

Whether a roof is to provide shelter, protection or renewable energy – for the architect, contractor, building owners and homeowners alike – BMI UK & Ireland is uniquely positioned to assist with design and project specifications, technical advice and after-sales support for both domestic and commercial projects. Through this, it seeks to establish long-term relationships based on confidence and trust.
Its expertise covers every sector and it is ready to advise on a wide range of subjects, from Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects and guidance; sustainability and energy efficiency standards and product information; through to and technical installation support, and supply chain planning and partnership.

Just one of the ways these partnerships are supported is through BMI’s complete six-step ‘cradle to grave’ design advice and calculation service, which starts with consultation and site surveys; leading to specification, site support and project monitoring – concluding with industry-leading roof systems guarantees for both pitched and flat roofs.

This dedication to finding ways to make roofs and roofing better is underpinned by the most comprehensive range of products from a single roofing solutions provider on the market today – from concrete, clay, metal tiles and reconstituted slate through to reinforced bitumen membranes, single-ply and liquid waterproofing systems; not to mention an extensive collection of fittings, components and building membranes.

Previously marketed under some of the sectors best-known brands, these great names have been developed to acknowledge the new structure. These newly-named brands include BMI Redland, BMI Icopal, BMI Monarplan and BMI Sealoflex, to name but a few.

BMI UK & Ireland is part of BMI Group, which has more than 11,000 employees worldwide in 40 countries and runs over 150 production facilities. With the group having made its home in Central London, BMI UK & Ireland has settled in new head office premises in Milton Keynes.

Established in 1849 and manufacturing tarred flax felt waterproofing products, Icopal moved to Manchester in 1923. Now, through incorporating its comprehensive catalogue, BMI offers the UK and Ireland’s most complete range of construction membranes, support services and insured roofing guarantees. It’s a similar story with the company’s pitched roofing heritage, with the BMI Redland Rosemary clay tile range having first been manufactured in 1837 and, in a major anniversary, 2019 sees the company celebrating 100-years of concrete tile manufacture for its BMI Redland range.

Speaking about the formation of BMI UK & Ireland Paul Campbell, Marketing & Technical Director, said: “Although a new name in the industry, BMI UK & Ireland has a manufacturing heritage stretching back over 180 years and for whom quality and a commitment to service is embedded in its centuries-old DNA.”

“Quite simply, we are totally committed to doing what’s right for homeowners, building owners, the public and the industry. By working together we can identify and support their needs every step of the way – from how the building will be used, to how the roof could be used and the benefits the roof can bring to them as owners and, of course, the community around them.”

“This is demonstrated through a dedication to deliver innovative pitched and flat roofing solutions that are designed to transform the way people live and work. Providing protection, added value and peace of mind for architects, roofers, building and homeowners alike.”

“With the formation of BMI UK & Ireland, homeowners, building owners, the public and the industry now have a partner who is fully engaged with their design and building needs and truly cares about what matters to them and how together we can make a better world.”

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