Icopal Anderson Tecnatorch FireSmart SBS Torch-on Roofing Capsheets

Anderson Tecnatorch FireSmart SBS Torch-on Roofing Capsheets

Anderson Tecnatorch FireSmart capsheets have all the benefits of the standard Tecnatorch torch-on capsheets but incorporating Icopal’s unique FireSmart® technology producing capsheets that provide a fire protection layer, shielding the roof from both spread of flame and fire penetration.

Tecnatorch FireSmart  is a versatile roofing system suitable for use with the following suitably prepared deck types: Plywood, OSB3, Timber Boarding, Profiled Metal Decking and Concrete/screeded surfaces. As well as being used on new build warm roofs, Tecnatorch FireSmart can also be used, subject to Icopal approval, on cold and inverted roofs and as a refurbishment overlay system. 

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding fire resistance.
  • 25% less gas and 30% faster application than traditional torch-on membranes.
  • Exceptional bond strength.
  • Greater lap security.
  • Safer low flame application.
  • Easy to cut, handle and apply.
  • Wide choice of colours.

Mini Groove Technology

Tecnatorch FireSmart is an energy efficient low melt reinforced capsheet, incorporating Icopal’s mini groove technology which makes it possible to install up to 30% quicker, using 25% less gas.
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Icopal Insured Guarantees for up to 20 Years

Icopal Insured Guarantee

When installed to Icopal’s specification and by a Team Icopal approved contractor, comprehensive insured guarantee cover for up to 20 years is available.
Further information on the different levels of guarantee cover.

Tecnatorch FireSmart Product Range

The following Tecnatorch FireSmart torch-on roofing capsheets are available

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
2004516 Tecnatorch FireSmart Capsheet - Blue/Grey Mineral* 1m x 8m 40kg
2004517 Tecnatorch FireSmart Capsheet - Green Mineral* 1m x 8m 40kg
2004518 Tecnatorch FireSmart Capsheet - Brown Mineral* 1m x 8m  40kg
2004519 Tecnatorch FireSmart Capsheet - Charcoal Mineral* 1m x 8m  40kg

* available to order minimum quantities apply


Anderson Tecnatorch FireSmart capsheets have been independently site and laboratory tested by the British Board of Agrément, and awarded BBA certificate number 07/4409.

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