Icopal FormFlash Lead Free Anti-Theft Waterproof Flashing

FormFlash Lead Free Anti-Theft Waterproof Flashing

Icopal Formflash is the lightweight, lead-free, versatile alternative for roof flashing. It’s 50% lighter than Code 4 lead flashing, easier to handle and speedier to install, yet outstandingly waterproof and resilient.  PVC-free as well as lead-free, FormFlash is environmentally friendly, and there’s no resale value to tempt the local lead thieves.

Icopal FormFlash the first lead replacement system in the UK to win Secured By Design certificationIcopal FormFlash the first lead replacement system in the UK to win Secured by Design certification.

Wherever lead goes, FormFlash goes. It’s suitable for all types of flashing including stepped abutments, chimneys, rooflights and flat or pitched roofing terminations.

FormFlash Technical Data and Installation

What is FormFlash lead free flashing made from?

Features & Benefits

  • Looks like lead to the eye, but not to the touch, so maintaining aesthetics but deterring thieves.
  • Has no scrap value.
  • Over 50% lighter than lead providing easier handling and health and safety advantages.
  • Environment friendly and non-toxic – no lead, no other heavy metals, no PVC.
  • Quicker and easier to install.
  • Malleable, easy to cut and easy to form.
  • Weldable – with hot air gun or flame free welder.

Product Availability 

Product Code Description  Roll Size Roll Weight
2003728 FormFlash 120mm 10m x 0.12m 5.7kg
2003730 FormFlash 150mm 10m x 0.15m 7.13kg
2003731 FormFlash 200mm 10m x 0.20m  9.50kg
2003732 FormFlash 250mm 10m x 0.25m  11.88kg
2003733 FormFlash 300mm 10m x 0.30m  14.25kg
2003734 FormFlash 450mm 10m x 0.45m  21.38kg
2003735 FormFlash 650mm 10m x 0.65m  30.88kg
3005926 FormFlash 950mm 10m x 0.95m  45.13kg
3006140 FormFlash fixing Clips (pack 25 clips)    



Icopal Formflash has been independently site and laboratory tested by the British Board of Agrément, and awarded BBA certificate number 09/4685.

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