Anderson Bitumen Flat Roofing Products Range

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Anderson 3B Glass Base Layers 
Anderson 3G Perforated Glass Base Layers 
Anderson 3H Perforated Glass Sanded Base Layers 
Anderson APP Torch-on Roofing Membranes 
Anderson Essentials Range
Anderson Glastex SBS Glass Capsheet 
Anderson HT Polyester Capsheets 
Anderson SBS Torch on 
Anderson SBS Top Torch
Anderson Torch-on VBL Venting Base Layer 
Anderson Trade Range
Anderson Traditional – Roofing Underlays & Shed Felts 
APP Torch-on Roofing Membranes


Duratorch  APP Torch-on Capsheets 


Expandrit Plus


Firesmart Monofutur 
Firesmart Pour and Roll Capsheets
FireSmart Profiles XL Noxite & FireSmart Profiles XL Plus Noxite Capsheets 
FireSmart Profiles XL & Profiles XL Plus Capsheets
FireSmart Tecnatorch SBS Torch-on Roofing Capsheets 
FireSmart Thermaweld Torch-on Capsheets
FireSmart TorchSafe M.A. Single Layer Membrane 
FireSmart TorchSafe T.A. Detailing Mineral 
Flexitorch (Xtra-Gard)


Glastex SBS Glass Cap Sheet


HT Polyester Capsheets


Micoral NB 
Micoral SK 
Micotherm SK


Noxite (BiELSo) 



Olympic Thermaweld 


Performa APP Cap Sheets 
Polyflex (Andersons) 
Polytorch (Xtra-Gard)
Power Elastomeric
Premium SBS Torch-on Underlay 
Profiles Vapour Vent XL VCL 
Profiles Vent XL 
Profiles XL & Profiles XL Plus Product Range 


Roofgard Flat Roofing Accessories
Rootbar Cap Sheets


Shed Felts
Shed Felt (Xtra-Gard)


Tecnatorch Cap Sheets 
Tecnatorch Firesmart Capsheets 
Thermaweld FireSmart
T.A Underlay Sanded
Top Torch APP Capsheets 
Top Torch AP2 & AP3 Underlays
Top Torch SBS Capsheets 
Top Torch SB2 & SB3 Underlays
TorchSafe M.A. Single Layer Membrane - FireSmart
TorchSafe T.A. VCL - Sanded
TorchSafe T.A. VCL - Stripes
TorchSafe T.A. Detailing Mineral - FireSmart
T.A. Detailing Underlay
TorchSafe T.A. Underlay
Torch-on VBL Venting Base Layer 
Total Torch Sand Capsheet
Total Torch Mineral Capsheet
Total Torch Premium SBS Underlay
Total Torch Vapour Control Layer 
Total Torch Vapour Dispersion Layer
Toughbond (Xtra-Gard) 
Tradebond (Xtra-Gard)


Universal (POCB) 


Vapourbar VCL Vapour Control Layer


Xtra-Gard Flat Roofing Systems



3B Glass Base Layers 
3G Perforated Slate Base Layers
3H Perforated Sanded Base Layers

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