Icopal Thermazone Roof Insulation Boards for Flat Roofs

Thermazone Roof Insulation Boards

BMI Icopal's range of thermal insulation boards have been specifically designed to complement the range of Icopal roof waterproofing systems offering high quality and environmentally friendly solutions to all insulation requirements.

Thermazone Roof Board is available in flat or in XtraFall tapered variants.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent thermal performance.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Resistance to mould and microbial growth.
  • Resistant to most oils, greases and adhesives (except those containing ketones and esters).
  • Easy to handle, cut and install
  • Free no obligation in-house design service 


  • XtraFall Tapered System & In-house Design Service

    The XtraFall high performance PIR Taper System provides the designer and contractor with a precise, technically excellent solution to providing thermal insulation and bespoke drainage on flat roofing that avoids water retention and consequent damage in traditional flat roofs.

    The XtraFall range of tapered insulation, provides comprehensive solutions for all flat roof projects whatever the choice of Icopal waterproofing system, with the highest environmental scoring within the ’BRE Green Guide’ is available with Factory Mutual accreditation. Our extensive range of high performance PIR foam insulation products with unique performance characteristics has been engineered to meet any project specification.

    The XtraFall system is supported by a range of ancillary products, designed to ensure continuous thermal insulation and complete roof drainage. These products are exclusive to the XtraFall system

    Features & Benefits

    • Free no obligation in-house design service
    • Highest Performance Rigid PIR Insulation
    • Practical Solution: flat roof insulation and drainage in a Single System
    • A cost effective solution to creating drainage falls with excellent U-values
    • Factory bonded components manufactured to precision tolerances
    • Factory made quality assured single component system
    • Quality Assurance of mechanical properties of component bonding
    • Pre-mitred, hips, valleys and extensive range of accessory pieces
    • Rigid, lightweight material accepting maintenance traffic
    • Suitable for new and existing flat roofs
    • Non-deleterious Material Manufactured without the use of CFC’s/HCFC’s
    • Zero ODP and Low GWP
    • Potential Green Guide Rating A


    Survey and Design Service

    Icopal offer a free no obligation in-house design service for clients looking to specify an Icopal flat roof system incorporating XtraFall insulation.

    Our area technical managers are trained to survey roof areas using the latest and most accurate equipment available, including digital inclinometers and laser levels.

    Cut to falls designs are produced by our tapered insulation design team and can be tailored to the requirements of any project. U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis calculations are available on request.

    Insured guarantees are available for Icopal flat roof systems incorporating XtraFall tapered insulation. For further details on this please contact Icopal Technical Services.

    Tel: 0161 865 4444

    Email: technical.uk@icopal.com


    download pdf Thermazone XtraFall - Tapered Insulation Systems (ICO3218)


    Product Range

    Icopal offer a comprehensive range of XtraFall high performance PIR Flat Roof tapered insulation boards, including:

    Thermazone Foilboard

    Tapered Insulation for Mechanically Fixed Systems.

    • Aluminium faced rigid PIR
    • Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/mK
    • LPC/FM Approved

    Read more about Thermazone Foilboard



    Thermazone Torch On

    Tapered Insulation for Partially Bonded Torch On Systems.

    • Bituminous faced rigid PIR
    • Thermal Conductivity as Low as 0.024 W/mK

    Read more about Thermazone Torch On



    Thermazone Roofboard

    Tapered Insulation for Bonded Single Ply, Partially Bonded, Pour & Roll and Heat Activated Systems.

    • Mineral glass tissue faced rigid PIR
    • Thermal Conductivity as Low as 0.024 W/mK

    Read more about Thermazone Roofboard



  • Insulation Board Selector


    Bituminous Roofing Single Ply
    Liquid Applied
    Torch-on Pour & Roll Inverted
    Parabit  Elastoflex
    Thermazone Torch-on
    (XtraFall tapered option also available)
    Thermazone Torch Top
    (tapered option also available)
    Thermazone Roofboard 
    (XtraFall tapered option also available)
    Thermazone Foilboard
    (XtraFall tapered option also available)
    Thermazone Full Bond
    (tapered option also available)
    Thermazone IVR                
    Thermazone Hydroshield IVR 
    (tapered option also available)
    Thermazone Elastoboard                
  • Insulation Fillets

    Thermazone Insulation Fillets

    Thermazone Insulation Filets are available in both Thermazone Torch On and Thermazone Roofboard versions, for use with torch-on and thermically activated detailing membranes, respectively.

    The fillet provides a gradual transition at corner interfaces, such as upstands or change in levels, allowing the membranes to be correctly sealed.

    Read more about Thermazone Insulation Filets

    Thermazone Insulation Fillets
  • Insulation Adhesives


    Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive

    Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive is a single component moisture cured polyurethane adhesive. It contains no VOCs and uses non-flammable propellants reducing the risks associated with pressurised canisters.

    The adhesive is applied using a spray wand, allowing for easy, precise and rapid installation. The spray wand ensures consistent bead size when applied to the deck, reducing wastage and ensuring accurate and secure installation.

    Read more about Icopal Insulation Spray Adhesive


    Icopal Insulation Pour Adhesive

    Icopal Insulation Pour Adhesive is a single component moisture cured polyurethane adhesive. It offers a simple and cost-effective method of installation, due to not requiring any additional tools to apply the product on-site. It reduces labour costs in comparison to mechanical fixing of the insulation, due to time saving and the fact that no investment in equipment is required. The adhesive is simply beaded from the can onto the deck at the required coverage rate and the insulation panels laid into the wet adhesive.

    Read more about Icopal Insulation Pour Adhesive



    Icopal T.P.I. Insulation Adhesive

    Icopal T.P.I. Insulation Adhesive is a foaming two-part rapid curing polyurethane adhesive. The adhesive contains no volatile solvents. It is supplied in a 1500 millilitre twin cartridge and is applied using a battery powered applicator gun. The product is packaged 4 cartridges per box, together with 6 mixer tubes.

    Read more about Icopal T.P.I. Insulation Adhesive


    Icopal TPI Membrane Adhesive


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