Pinfold Day Centre, Whitefield, Greater Manchester

Project Overview

Project: Pinfold Day Centre, Whitefield
Area: 120 m²
Completion Date: September 2012
Contractor: Norman Shawcross Roofing Ltd, Wigan
Client: Bury Metropolitan Borough Council
System: Total Torch System with Thermaweld Capsheet

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Located in Whitefield, Bury, Pinfold Day Centre provides specialist day care services to meet the needs of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Built approximately 20 years ago, the building incorporated large areas of tiled pitched roofs, many of which drained into thin lead lined valley gutters. The centre is surrounded by large, mature trees which regularly shed foliage often leading to blockages and internal water ingress from the choked gutters. Furthermore, as access was difficult, clearing the debris was awkward leading to further accumulation of vegetation and leaks.

Working in conjunction with the Building Services at Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, a renovation scheme was proposed to eliminate the problem of the choked gutters.


ICS1041-Pinfold-Day-Centre-Bury_550x383As the existing gutters were difficult to access and clear, the design proposal involved eliminating the very narrow gutter and introducing an area of flat roof that would lift the level of drainage by approximately one metre.
The proposal was complicated by the length of the existing lead valley gutter, as the new flat roof design would require moving water approximately 20 metres across the roof from its highest level to the point of discharge.
The existing pitched roof also incorporated built in skylights providing natural light to the entrance area below, all of which needed to be retained.


ICS1041-Pinfold-Day-Centre-Bury_Page_768x826The proposed solution required the removal of several courses of tiles prior to the introduction of inverted roof trusses installed along the length of the roof. A layer of 18mm plywood was subsequently installed creating a new structural deck which then received Icopal Limited’s Total Torch bituminous warm roof torch-on roofing system. Tapered insulation boards were used to create a fall into a newly formed box gutter running the length of the roof. The gutter was also tapered, promoting the discharge of water at its lowest point.

Execution of the works pushed roofing contractor Norman Shawcross Ltd, who conceded that it had been one of the most challenging projects they had undertaken.

The end result created an accessible, functional and aesthetically pleasing roof system that eliminated all previous water leaks 

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